Unveiling the long awaited First Episode of "Drinking with the Legends",

"The Legend".

Long Live Ray

This Thursday, May 16 is Ray Condo Day! Ray is featured in our Drinking With The Legends series we recently filmed at the Railway Club, under the "Ray Condo Forever" neon sign, no less. There will be a toast in his honour at the Railway at 6pm hosted by Ian Tiles with tribute events at various locations that evening. Please check details below
Long live Ray.

There are three events happening around the city.

At 6pm a toast at The Railway Club in the backroom under the "Ray Condo Forever" neon sign. Ian Tiles will be hosting and toasting.

Sandra Murillo Paz

Who is Sandra Murillo Paz?

This young lady is a design student from Edmonton Alberta.

Sandra had a class project where she needed to take a current product that was out in the market and try to catch a different client base that our company was targetting.

We were honoured to have her use our company in her class project.

Attached are a few pictures from her presentation.

Congratulations Sandra and keep up the great work.


A Movie about Hastings Street

Recognize anything?

HASTINGS STREET from LarryKentFilms on Vimeo.


Thank you Julian

We would like to thank Julian Sanders for talking about us on CTV Saskatchewan.  We are his coffee choice for the year. Awesome.